LA Qoolside Battles Their Inner Demons In "Sad Gurl" Video
Kevin Jansen

LA Qoolside Battle Their Inner Demons In “Sad Gurl” Video

LA Qoolside is a new trio from Los Angeles and they’ve just released a new single and accompanying video for Sad Gurl. Inspired by the battles with your inner demons, Sad Gurl is a weirdo dance-punk jam with the weight of crooked worms between percussion that slithers alongside an array of anxious elements. “I’m sick I can’t think straight, my heads spinning, I can’t eat what’s on my plate,” they sing with a nervous quiver. “‘Sad Girl’ is a song that is inspired by the inner workings and self-destructive nature of one’s own mind,” explained the group. “It melodically touches on coping mechanisms, the metaphorical security blanket and learning to suck on one’s own thumb. Essentially we all need to think, ‘Check yo’self, before you wreck yo’self.'”

In the self-directed video, the trio roams the vast landscape with a backdrop of mountains while Playboy’s Playmate of 2017, Brook Power, also rides around atop a horse and drinks the merciful nectar of 7-Up. Watch Sad Gurl unfold below.

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