Suits and Skulls Drop Breathtaking Ambient Single Air

Suits and Skulls Drop Breathtaking Ambient Single “Air”

With six years of production work under him, Greg Casey created the pseudonym Suits and Skulls and released his debut album, The Dream Never Leaves, last month. Between the diverse range of styles is the monumental Air.

Much like Casey, I’m a sucker for long build-ups and enormous drops or overwhelming climaxes like Explosions In The Sky, and Air is exactly that. A light ambient dream of celestial gauze and ambrosial vocals that float amongst the twilight of the sparkling nebula gradually builds to the point of no return. A supernova of solar flares then ruptures space and time as worlds simultaneously form and explode and transcends life as we know it with breathtaking beauty.

Listen to Air right now and visit Suits and Skulls’ LP.