Vandana Returns With Brooding New Vicious

Vandana Returns With Brooding New “Vicious”

From singer/producer/visual artist Vandana’s forthcoming EP, Nox Anima (meaning Night Soul/Spirit), comes her first single in nearly four years titled Vicious.

Inspired by an episode of Planet Earth, Vicious is a brooding soundscape with trip hop elements and alternative pop that seeps into your skin. A throbbing bassline simmers like a leopard, hidden and watching his prey, waiting for the right moment to leap forth. An eerie wail lurks behind while glitches freckle and drip in this nocturnal space as Vandana’s hypnotic vocals swirl and linger, never reaching the subject of her desire.

“I am obsessed with the plant and animal kingdom and there was this one scene in a Planet Earth episode in which a snow leopard chases a mountain goat fervently across hellish, steep slopes. The goat escapes,” explained Vandana. “This song was literally dedicated to the majesty of that creature, a fascination with the elusive, strong footed mountain goat in its natural habitat and a feeling of great pleasure in observing its beauty and strength without trying to attain or own it. This song is about allowing complete surrender to the subject without expecting anything in return.”

Listen to Vicious right here and look for Nox Anima on April 21.