La+ch Drops A "Bomb" Of Frenetic Energy

La+ch Drops A “Bomb” Of Frenetic Energy

Toronto-based artist/producer La+ch is known for his solo work as well as a co-writer and producer for fellow sideways collective member, Coleman Hell, and Shan Vincent de Paul. La+ch’s forthcoming project, None, brings listeners in to experience a glimpse of his cryptic mind. By taking on the perspective of various characters, he adopts different personas and explores his world through various perspectives. The characters all have a common thread in that they are viewed in some way as societal outliers, people who have been excommunicated from their respective communities.

Bomb is the third single and with a name like that, you expect it to erupt at any moment. La+ch does not disappoint. Distorted, pitched vocals soar through an ambient intro that’s propelled into with dynamic force. Synths strike with frenetic energy during the explosive hook and continue to cut from smooth to meteoric. Shrapnel of pop and R&B splinter the atmosphere with a beating insatiable roar. And when that little guitar riff hits – oof. Crank Bomb right now.

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