Eve Adams Releases Jazz-Folk Album Metal Bird

Eve Adams Releases Jazz-Folk Album “Metal Bird”

Singer-songwriter Eve Adams weaves dark folk-noir tales with her spellbinding jazz-folk like last year’s ‘Candy Colored Doom’ or her 2017 debut ‘In Hell’ which featured saxophonist Military Genius. The two planned to continue working together but a tragedy in 2018 forced Adams back to Los Angeles from Montreal. They’d eventually continue their work in Vancouver which resulted in Adams’ new album, Metal Bird. 

“In 2018 I experienced a great loss in my life,” Eve shares. “I felt my old world was dead and gone. As strange as it sounds, the symbol of the airplane started showing up everywhere and offered me inspiration. They represented a place between places, or what some call Purgatory, the Bardo, or the Void. To me, ‘Metal Bird’ is like a collection of seat pocket poems written on a long flight. It’s a memento of the three years I spent exploring the sky while wondering where to land.”

On opener ‘Blue Looks The Same’, Adams lures you into her transformative journey with hypnotic slide guitars and her tender voice before the tempest swells. On the single, Adams offered:

“I think of this song as the prologue to many stories. It’s about the troubles that lurk behind the comfort of your plans and how tragedies show up in our lives. As the words suggest, I’d like to encourage a feeling of unity in life’s shadows, because we all find ourselves there at some point.”

Listen to Metal Bird from Eve Adams right here.