LO & NOVAA Turn Love Into Madness On My Splendour

NOVAA & Lo Turn Love Into Madness On “My Splendor”

Lights” is the collaborative new album from emerging producer LO and twenty-year-old singer/songwriter/producer NOVAA. Between the album is My Splendor with its dark and mysterious undertones and the melodious ripple of midnight shadows. A slow creeping throb with harmonies quake into a lucid soundscape of tears and ecstasy. This is a total engulfing possessed love that wraps you with its fatal fibers and swallows you whole with madness.

Speaking of the single, the duo says:

“‘My Splendor’ shows the moment when love turns into madness, when you get addicted to someone else and lose control of yourself. It’s about a destructive relationship that survives based on an obsession. Loving and adoring are two different things that are mistaken very often.