Satin Jackets Links Up With David Harks For Transportive Disco Northern Lights

Satin Jackets Links Up With David Harks For Transportive Disco “Northern Lights”

German producer Satin Jackets (Tim Bernhardt) teamed up with fellow Berlin-based, British vocalist and songwriter David Harks for the cosmic disco cut, Northern Lights.

Inspired by a recent trip to Norway, Bernhardt was captivated by the experience and began work on putting his experience into musical form. “After experiencing a world known for its Northern Lights, I wanted to take that concept and run with it, asking myself how we could reflect this phenomena in music,” explained Bernhardt. “Despite a busy schedule, I couldn’t help but take a day off and go on a trip exploring the country and the depths and beauty of one of the Fjords in the area. It was absolutely breath-taking.”

Locking themselves in the studio for several days, Harks’ voice and lyrics would ultimately narrate Bernhardt’s journey. Northern Lights is like a vivid dream that’s been poured into a retro kaleidoscope. It beams towards the stars with a dazzle of synths and the glassy bounce of pads as skinny wrists soar above skyscrapers. Satin Jackets and David Harks will transport you to remote stars that blaze within the Northern Lights.

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