Never Betters Announce New EP And Share Reckless Pictures

Never Betters Announce New EP And Share Reckless “Pictures”

Never Betters are a quartet of kids from London, each involved in other punk projects including Strange Ways, Wasted Potential, Foam, and Grievances. After 2016’s “Bitchin'” EP, they return with a new single and video for Pictures. And oh shit does it bang.

In this flurry of punk and a scuzzed-out wash of garage-rock, guitars wail, crunch, and froth with a reckless force that scorches sidewalks and gutters. But what makes Pictures so dynamic and gripping are the vocals that soar from beneath the wall of sound to the heavens like a jet blue tomahawk, gleaming and delirious.

In the accompanying video, endearing old-school scenes are cut with polaroids of the band. Speaking on the video’s inspiration, director Just Krar says:

“The video for ‘Pictures’ portrays common narratives we go through in life. Heartbreak, finding autonomy, shitty relationships, and reckless choices come to mind. Often the nostalgia felt for these memories is influenced by movies, TV and music, rather than our own actual experience. Pictures allow us to have our own story, not someone else’s fiction.”

Never Betters split EP with Grievances, “Guns Roses’ Roses“, is due March 16. They’re at Toronto’s Baby G on the 18.

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