Melbourne's elkkle Drops Masterful Don't Look Down

Melbourne’s elkkle Drops Masterful “Don’t Look Down”

Don’t Look Down is the first of two singles from Melbourne based elkkle, with the second planned by year’s end. Drawing influences from Nicolas Jaar and Arca, Don’t Look Down is a unique masterpiece born from the young producers fears. “During the time around writing ‘Don’t Look Down’ I became very self-aware that I was fearful of a lot of things,” explained ekkle. “I was about to finish University, I was in a relationship, I was living independently – and with all this came a cloud of uncertainty between myself and my future. Sometimes the ground beneath you might seem so far away that looking down can only hold you back from climbing higher.” From the onset, that fear flourishes between a cascade of crippling synths and synths that wobble from one end of this spacious sonic realm to the other with impervious force. As if that wasn’t enough, the floor rumbles making that climb even harder. Whatever you do though, don’t look down.