Premiere Cale Hawkins Conjures A Sorrowful Dance With Polyester Day

Premiere: Cale Hawkins Conjures A Sorrowful Dance With “Polyester Day”

While on a break from an international tour as the musical director for the Montreal singer-songwriter Nikki Yanofsky, Cale Hawkins began writing Polyester Day and a collection of other songs. Yesterday, the Brooklyn-based artist released Polyester Day and today we’ve got the first look at the video.

Oh, what is it for?
I’m just a shadow of myself, nothing more
Oh, what have you done
with all your love?
What have you done?

Self-produced and performed by Hawkins in a small, windowless room in Brooklyn, Polyester Day fuses melancholic pop with electronic textures and string arrangements that create a strangely nostalgic experience. With his poetic and folksy storytelling, Hawkins laments about the scourge that poisons his dreams with toothless lies made of the cold death of winter. For the video, we follow two old mannequins that meet and dance throughout, only to be met with the inevitable sorrow that lives in this refreshing soundscape.

Watch Polyester Day below and visit Cale Hawkins soundcloud to hear his first A/B single release that features Pine Overcoats. The rest will be released on the 1st, every two months, so hit that follow.

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