Luna Green Returns With The Self Produced Lotus Interception

Luna Green Returns With The Self Produced “Lotus Interception”

Luna Green is a Stockholm-based artist that has just released her first new single in over two years. In those two years, Green would move away from working with other musicians and taught herself to produce so she could focus on bringing the sounds she hears in her head to life, which brings us to Lotus Interception.

Inspired by the frigid grip of winter and Green’s insatiable desire to give all her love, Lotus Interception is an exploration into the dark recesses of her mind. Drums plod like the reckoning while a skitter of synths and various textures of charcoal static and yelps hug the walls of uncertainty like cobwebs. Erratic elements stretch and crinkle under duress like your thoughts poisoned with the sulphuric veil of time that impedes your synapses. Dramatic and captivating, a controlled chaos thrives under Green’s fingers and their lavender touch.

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