Vilde Explores Death On Fourth Album Atopia

Vilde Explores Death On Fourth Album “Atopia”

Vilde is the musical project of Thomas Savage which he started in 2016. It’s since been his goal to release an album every year for the indefinite future. Atopia is the fourth album and was written over the course of about 12 months across several countries. Here, Savage ventures into themes of death, explaining:

“Without actively considering where the subject matter of this record would go, it sort of drifted predominantly towards the topic of death. It’s one of the most interesting and fascinating laws of the universe, but is universally difficult to discuss. I wonder whether the suppression of the topic in society is hindering our ability to be our most human selves. Once I’d made the record I was able to step away and evaluate the bigger picture of what it was. I feel like it sort of lulls you into a sense of comfort and safety and then quietly whispers concepts of love and death into your ear. I’d love it if this was something you could listen to in your own time and space, but then come to the show and pulse with it.”

Listen to the project here.