Alex McArtor Is Starry Eyed On New Single "Biggest Fan"

Alex McArtor Is Starry Eyed On New Single “Biggest Fan”

You wouldn’t know it from first the listen, but Alex McArtor is only 17.  With the timbre of Lana Del Rey and dusty Americana, Biggest Fan captures the mysterious God-like aura of our musical heroes. Talented beyond her years and wiser than most of us at that age, McArtor spoke of the inspiration and more, saying:

“‘Biggest Fan’ was one of the first songs that I ever wrote. I wrote it back when I was 15 years old and very much at the age of when you’re riding the wave of naivety, at the height of your fantasy and romanticism for new experiences and young love…basically the eclipse of the age of innocence. I grew up going to music festivals and concerts, which was very much a part of the culture of my youth. We looked at the people on stages as if they were immortal, totally entranced by their music and persona, as if they were singing just for us. The song “Superstar” by The Carpenters heavily inspired me when I wrote” Biggest Fan”, as well as an experience that I had this one time at a concert… I wanted to write a song that expressed the idea that sometimes people, or things, are better left untouched for the sake of not killing the magic, or the fantasy that surrounds them…the mystery of the unknown. Now, when I close my eyes and hear this song, it takes me back to when everything was new…before reality creeped in. I guess you could say this song is a departure from naivety and youthful romanticism to the ultimate understanding and bittersweetness of reality.”

Last year, Alex McArtor released two debut EPs, ‘Spoken Word’ and ‘Heart Talk Vol. I’, to critical acclaim. Listen here.