Firewoodisland Release Anthemic & Uplifting Sprinter

Firewoodisland Release Anthemic & Uplifting “Sprinter”

Firewoodisland is comprised of the Bristol-based Norwegian/Welsh multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. The name ​Firewoodisland ​is a direct translation of Stian’s surname, and although the project started out as a solo-mission, ​Stian met ​Abi in Cardiff where she was studying illustration. As a duo, they release atmospheric indie folk-pop that fuses the organic with the digital, or as they call it, “mountain pop”.

Their latest release is Sprinter, an uplifting kickstart to the year where we shed the past and set our hearts and sights on the future. Violins weave through multi-layered instrumentals and driving drums with dynamic contrasting harmonies. With its anthemic hook, Sprinter is an infectious slice of folk-pop. It soars from the belly of a mountain through canyons and forked rivers with an inextinguishable light.

On the single, Firewoodisland says:

“’Sprinter’ is the perfect song to start the new year with. As you reflect on the year that’s past and draw up goals for the year ahead, ‘Sprinter’ will be your ideal accompaniment. The song focuses on someone who has gone through a hard time, and is just getting ready to turn a new leaf. The duo hope that it will reach anyone who needs a bit of encouragement for 2020.”