Premiere TIHMTGB Shares Melancholic Ambient EP Dormant

Premiere: TIHMTGB Shares Melancholic Ambient EP “Dormant”

REM sleep is described as the intervals during one’s sleep when activity is the most heightened as dreams become lifelike and anything is possible. For twenty-six-year-old Slovakian based musician, TIHMTGB, he explores and contrasts these moments with our waking lives on his new EP, Dormant.

Produced in Reykjavik, Iceland while seeking solace in a change of environment, the reverie of being in an enchanting new surrounding encompasses Dormant with a dysphoric piano and minor glitches and strings that sail above, around, and into the land, and wistfully flows into your body. The icy and melancholic landscape is reflected on Dormant II as piercing strings sing in the wind, rapid synths dash across the sea, and crackles flicker with the brooding ferocity of a hungry arctic wolf. Rest gentle wolf, for your time shall come.

“As the title implies, ‘Dormant’ is an exploration of a specific state, referring not only to the natural world but also to the general contrast between being asleep and awake,” explained TIHMTGB. “While dormant, a subject’s activity is reduced to its very minimum but the potential is still present, eagerly waiting to be unleashed.”

Dormant is released through Left of Field Records, an Australian label that focuses on raising awareness for suicide prevention. Listen to it right here.

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