Henry Jamison Teases New EP With I Forget Myself

Henry Jamison Teases New EP With “I Forget Myself”

I Forget Myself is the latest offering from Henry Jamison, and one originally written about an ex-partner. In a surprise twist of events, the two would get back together 12 months later right before the quarantine.

As part of Jamison’s forthcoming ‘Tourism’ EP, I Forget Myself features silken harmonies from Darlingside, who serves as his backing band through the project, as Jamison hopelessly recalls each moment from birth through to meeting his partner in an effort to take accountability for his part in the break-up.

Speaking on the single and today’s anxieties and uncertainty, Jamison added:

It was a failed exercise then, but I feel like I’m finally succeeding in it now, in my 8×12” quarantine studio. So, I don’t feel like it’s a song of despair so much as a song of incomplete hope that leaves off at a point where I’ll have to pick up in my writing now. Since the outbreak, I’ve tried to be helpful just by playing my songs on social media for people. I’ve also gotten messages from people saying that they’re experiencing existential despair. That’s what this song is about: forgetting your purpose and who you are and trying to piece your sense of identity and purpose back together by sifting through the past and by not letting your “little mind” make a hell out of your situation. It was written specifically about a breakup that I went through last year, but I hope that it’s universal enough to speak to this moment, if only by helping people stay calm.”

‘Tourism’ will be released through Color Study on May 15. Henry Jamison is currently working alongside label mates Charli Adams and Haux to reschedule three select specialty shows originally planned to take place in LA, New York, and London this June.