Bell Always Tease Debut LP With Hypnotic In Blue Sky

Bell Always Tease Debut LP With Hypnotic “In Blue Sky”

Nir Tsfaty (vocals, synth), Alon Peretz (guitar), and Kobi Aroussi (drums) are the trio behind Bell Always who draw upon the principles of minimalism where each element has a distinct role. Tomorrow marks the release of their debut album, “Daylight Slowly Fades”, which focuses on the themes of unfulfilled love, solitude and emotional ambivalence. But first, they’ve released the second single and accompanying video for In Blue Sky.

A thick hum pulses and reverberates with a deep dark substance and a magnetic current. It flows with a hypnotic stillness as guitars swirl, bass throbs, and drums drive, pushing and pulling in the atmospheric space like cold magma and the throbbing nerves of their image.

Watch the Yaniv and Margarita Linton directed video right here.

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