Leah Lawson Returns With Gorgeous All The Dogs In My City

Leah Lawson Returns With Gorgeous “All The Dogs In My City”

It’s been over a year since Leah Lawson’s last release, the Sheets EP, but today, Lawson’s returned with the stunning All The Dogs In My City.

The strum of a solemn guitar lays next to Lawson’s weightless and poignant vocals as she reflects on the city and her surroundings, and the faces of those around her. Lost and underwhelmed by her place in the city and in life and with no one or anything to blame, she concedes with wearied eyes and a gradual build of lush instrumentation. The realization that everything and everyone around you is moving at lightspeed and evolving whilst you remain shackled to an unfulfilled life can be daunting yet life altering; should you choose to act on it. Whether the Nashville singer/songwriter does or not, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out.