Lindsay Munroe Releases The Vulnerable & Raw "Split"
Billy Holmes

Lindsay Munroe Releases The Vulnerable & Raw “Split”

On her second single of the year, Manchester-based newcomer Lindsay Munroe turns down with the vulnerable Split

With a sombre lone guitar and seizing vocals, Munroe reclaims the bits of her that she shed to accommodate the conservative religious environment of her early 20’s. Gradually it builds with crashing sounds and a howl that’s now unchained from the anger that gripped her.

Speaking on the single, Munroe added:

“’Split’ is one of the rawest songs I have written. I spent my early 20s in conservative religious environments, embedded in black-and-white thinking and beliefs. Increasingly I felt like I had to leave part of myself at the door, painfully unable to be open about my life and choices. ‘Split’ came from an attempt to move beyond the hurt and exhaustion of that situation”

Split is the second single taken from Munroe’s forthcoming EP ‘Our Heaviness’, out May 8th on AWAL.