Summer of George Share Debut EP Cheerleader Blues

Summer of George Share Debut EP “Cheerleader Blues”

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. I even have a copy of Seinfeldia* sitting on my coffee table. This brings us to Summer of George, the Berlin-based outfit named after one of my favourite George Costanza bits. Formed in 2018, the band is comprised of four dudes from around the world making lo-fi garage rock fused with shoegaze and a dose of wishful drinking.

Cheerleader Blues is their just-released debut EP and opens with the title track that feels like cycling through suburban streets as a kid in the summer. ‘Imposter Sun’ clocks in at 6 minutes with soft vocals suffocated by a scorched spiral of crashing guitars that lead into the fuzzed-out shoegaze of ‘Honeycomb’. Closer ‘Sinister Vista’ pulls back a bit but still thrashes as the band collides for one final cheer.

Summer of George is currently working on their second EP, ‘Pure’, to be released later this year.

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