Toyko's Stronger Love Is An Anthemic And Colourful Wonder

Toyko’s “Stronger Love” Is An Anthemic And Colourful Wonder

Following the success of last month’s debut single, Ghost Pepper, alt/mood-pop outfit Toyko (pronounced toi-koh) return with the apologetic Stronger Love.

For the single, the group explained:

“‘Stronger Love’ came after a night of heavy drinking and a bunch of poor decisions. Come the next morning, I knew I had hurt someone I care for deeply and wrote this song as a cry for forgiveness. It’s funny cause when I hear the song now it feels empowering, fun and uplifting but when I was writing the lyrics I was actually in a pretty dark place. I never set out to make a track like this, just sat down agenda-less and let raw emotion run its course.”

Despite the dark subject matter, Stronger Love is an animated song with a lucid energy. Infectious pop notes soar from the fingertips of a colourful titan reaching for the heart of the sun. With an anthemic chorus filled with gang vocals, the powerful emotions freckle our shoulders with a flare of sonic patterns laden with delicate piano keys. I’m sorry, come back, girl. We’ve got stronger love.

Listen to the promising Toyko right now and throw on their animated visual at your next party.

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