Obscura Hail Shares The Autumnal & Warm "Limberjack"

Obscura Hail Shares The Autumnal & Warm “Limberjack”

Limberjack is the second single from Obscura Hail’s (Sean Conran) forthcoming album, “Pallbearer”, alongside a collection of other existential songs. As Conran says, these songs were, “created during the lonely hours, for the sake of gaining long needed closure after the loss of a family member; a naively optimistic translation of grief in all stages, through blissful dissociation, acceptance of fate, and personal epiphany.”

Despite the heavy subject matter, the bedroom recorded Limberjack is intimate and inviting with a warm coat of autumnal folk notes. This cautionary tale about the invisible line between the safety of routine and the purpose of ritual features fuzzy layers that snap and crack with a bouquet of beautiful harmonies. There’s a comforting feeling. It’s safe and familiar, sympathetic and understanding, and you want this moment to remain as so.

“Pallbearer” is due out November 15.

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