VANNA Faces Love & Vulnerability On Let Me Fall

VANNA Faces Love & Vulnerability On “Let Me Fall”

Following my interview with VANNA about her debut single and video, ‘High Hopes’, the Israeli singer-songwriter returns with Let Me Fall. In this sweeping and atmospheric folktronica space, VANNA lets herself plunge into the depths of love and embraces the vulnerability that comes with it.

“When you fall in love, you expose yourself to getting hurt. It’s an endless paradox. When you let someone enter your inner world, you’re allowing them to gently break down your walls and then amazing things can happen.”, shares VANNA, “I was scared that one day I’d lose this feeling, and when it really happened I felt so alone trying to move on. This is the risk you take for falling in love.”

VANNA also shared the unique story behind the origin of the song:

“At one of my gigs, I did a cover of RY X’s ‘Deliverance’, adding a minimal beat and playing on my keyboard. When I finished singing the cover I kept going with the beat and sang a new song, which became ‘Let Me Fall’. It was a special moment. After I finished singing I told the audience that I felt like a rapper improvising lyrics on the go. I said I hoped that someone in the audience recorded it because this would become my new song.”