Sam Valdez Fuses Shoegaze With Americana On "It's Alright"

Sam Valdez Fuses Shoegaze With Americana On “It’s Alright”

After performing with a number of bands, the classically trained violinist Sam Valdez embarked on her solo journey, fusing her Americana and shoegaze influences with that of the vast and isolating Nevada desert that she grew up with. Following the release of this past summer’s, “Hours“, the LA-based singer-songwriter returns with It’s Alright.

Written in a “dream-like state of mind”, It’s Alright is a foot-stomping tale of love and loss with a warm atmospheric pulse while shoegaze melodies swell with a melancholic tincture. Infront of it all is Valdez’s sonorous vocals with a light twang, spinning images of one coping with the disillusion that comes with relationships. The sharp separation of love and loss, joy and sorrow, light and chaos, are fused into one as we walk on sidewalks, lay with another, read the newspaper, and it’s all gonna be alright.

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