Sean Christopher Shares Charming Paper Plane Pilot

Sean Christopher Shares Charming “Paper Plane Pilot”

Having grown up before the dawn of smartphones, it’s strange to see kids wielding phones bigger than their heads. You can’t help but wonder if they spend all their time with their eyeballs fixated on it or if they’re actually outside exploring, getting dirty, fucking up and learning. And now in this fast-paced adult world, memories of that carefree youth flicker behind your eyelids as you hustle and grind. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Not all is lost.

On Paper Plane Pilot, Dutch-born, Bristol-based Sean Christopher sings of this feeling after a trip to France. “I wrote ‘Paper Plane Pilot’ last year after visiting a good friend in a remote area of Southern France,” says Christopher. “Although the lyrics might imply this song is about myself wandering French fields, it’s really to do with youth. It’s about feeling free without really being aware of the fast-paced environment we currently live in, and a certain nostalgia for a kid’s view of the world.” Charming with a buoyant beauty, Christopher’s vocals are warm and lap in the silky streaks of the suns embrace. Away from hectic lives and hectic times, he reminds us to slow down and enjoy the open fields, if only for a moment.

Sean Christopher’s forthcoming debut album, Yonder, is due in the first half of 2018.


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