Skullcrusher Reveals Single & Video For Song For Nick Drake

Skullcrusher Reveals Single & Video For “Song For Nick Drake”

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Skullcrusher (Helen Ballentine) over the last few months and her latest offering continues that flame. On the dreamy Song For Nick Drake, she pays homage to the artist with a beautiful sweeping crescendo. On the single, she says:

“I wrote this song while reflecting on moments in my life that feel most intertwined with Nick Drake’s music. I was thinking about how music is the only art form (at least for me) that becomes one with my memories in a really distinct way. When I remember moments from my hometown I think of Nick. I think of walking & taking the train to the city & listening to his albums. Moments that would otherwise be mundane & routine are now bonded with someone else’s art. I think about that as a maker as well. How something I share might become woven into someone else’s life in a way I will never know or understand. That thought sometimes feels overwhelming for me but also cool. It’s really my homage to music & the times I’ve felt most connected to it.”

Joining the single is a co-directed video with Noah Weinman and captures Skullcrusher walking through rural New York State. Watch here and revisit her self-titled EP.