Listen To Broken Luxury's Boisterous "I'm Addicted"

Listen To Broken Luxury’s Boisterous “I’m Addicted”

If you missed our feature for Broken Luxury’s incredible debut single, Come Backgo do that now. For the rest of you, the New York duo once again linked up with Jessi Lee and released their second single titled, I’m Addicted.

This time around, the boys switch from soulful longing to an unexpected banger. While Joshua Reynolds sings about a new love interest and how mental he’s feeling, a boisterous clamour of synths rise and peak like a million shooting stars filled with oxytocin and serotonin. Percussion bounce around on the low-low acting as launch pads for the glorious rupture of dancing synths and a wicked sax solo that takes over like the overwhelming lust, passion, and ferocious desire that takes hold of you while simultaneously stricken with pandemonium as you can hardly control yourself.

With two potent singles under them, Broken Luxury’s Énouement EP is shaping up to be something spectacular.