Arms Akimbo Drop EP Featuring "None Of My Business"

Arms Akimbo Drop EP Featuring “None Of My Business”

I last had the Arms Akimbo boys on here with “Parachute“, which is also the lead single from their just-released EP titled, “The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party“. In the middle of it is None Of My Business, a song about another house party filled with words like maggots that gnaw at your face from people you’d rather not deal with, but with an upbeat vibe. Happy songs with bitter lyrics make up this LA-based quartet.

Speaking on the single, vocalist/guitars Peter went on to explain:

“When playing this song live, I can’t help but act out every action I’m singing. It’s interesting because listening to the song is really pleasant, but once you dig into the lyrics you can hear the bitterness. It’s the tug between knowing that at your basest form you might be attracted to someone, but if you applied any sense of self-esteem, you would see how unhealthy the situation is. That’s all heard in the outro, “If I want you I won’t watch what I say…but I watch you without wanting anything”. We wrote this song ages ago and it’s gone through several sonic permutations. The lyrics, howeverhaven’t changed. It’s a wild feeling singing about experiences from over two years ago when it’s just a snapshot of a different era.”

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