Carey Clayton Shares Emotive Debut Single "Not of Plastic"

Carey Clayton Shares Emotive Debut Single “Not of Plastic”

Originally a member of Brooklyn synthpop group Great Good Fine Ok, Carey Clayton is set to embark on a solo career. Now back in his native Los Angeles, he’s recapturing the sense of awe of the natural world that initially fueled his artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from both serene nature and kinetic city life, his music portrays this intense, dramatic contrast.

On his debut single, Not of Plastic, Clayton sings of an often forgotten fact of relationships – its impermanence. We only have so much time with someone until things corrode and like organic material, it eventually decomposes. Through Clayton’s twisting guitars, emotive textured layers, and underlying despair are moments of light and a reminder to appreciate the time we’re given before the inevitable.