B O K E H Releases Debut EP With Don't Leave The Fire Visuals

B O K E H Releases Debut EP With “Don’t Leave The Fire” Visuals

Don’t Leave The Fire is the debut solo project by artist/actress Chloë Lewer under the B O K E H moniker, and one that finds the artist exploring deeper into her psyche. A day before Lewer released the project, she shared the first single and an accompanying video for the title track.

Described as “the diary no one was ever meant to find,” the New Zealand-raised, Berlin-based artist woo’s you with sincere vocals that flutter in dreamy realm of electro-pop laden with 80s influences. A splatter of neon colours throb with an urgency yet hesitate to fully explode like your fear of intimacy. You want to dive into the nebula of love but jagged nails pull you further into the blackhole. Lewer takes a lighter note with the video as she and her cast of friends spend the night dancing and go-karting in what feels like a throwback video.

Watch the Andrea Ariel directed video below and spin B O K E H’s debut project, Don’t Leave The Fire, through one of these platforms.

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