Caroline Lazar Announces EP & Shares Dreamy Georgia

Caroline Lazar Announces EP & Shares Dreamy “Georgia”

After last years “Nevermine” EP, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar is prepping to release another. “This project feels even more honest and vulnerable than my first EP, ‘nevermine‘,” says Lazar. “The songs are about how I deal with all aspects of my life; they’re about my parents, figuring out who I am, and they’re about letting go of people who don’t deserve to be important to me.” 

Georgia is the first single from the project. It’s a dreamy affair with delicate harmonies featuring Lazar’s producer, Reed Gaines, with the hazy scent of summer afternoons and the lake at your feet. “Why am I thinking of you, thinking of someone else?” she sings with a tincture of melancholy as the hook takes flight, chasing shorelines and memories.

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