Cat Marina Shares Dynamic Debut Ex Friends + Bad Endings

Cat Marina Shares Dynamic Debut “Ex Friends + Bad Endings”

The young Cat Marina has already built quite the resume. Between a feature with BOA which got synced to Amazon’s Jack Ryan series as well as a Suzi Island feature on the Pro Evolution Soccer video game, he’s garnered millions of streams and radio play. Cat Marina also kicked off the year with another feature on BLOWSOM’s latest EP with the single ‘Lost In The City’. In between all this, the Southampton-based multi-talented artist has been perfecting his brand off-kilter pop with killer hooks.

Cat Marina is now set to embark on a solo path and recently shared his debut single, Ex Friends + Bad Endings. It’s a dynamic anthem as Cat Marina reflects on the difficulty of leaving toxic relationships with friends and loved ones in the past, no matter how challenging change can be.

On the inspiration, he offered:

“I just realised I landed in a place where I was relying on other people for my own sanity, and that’s fine as long as the pack of cards you’ve built into a stable little flat-pack bungalow doesn’t cave in on itself. But when it does, you realise you’re left with no idea who you actually are, or where you’re supposed to go. It dawned on me that I needed to figure out exactly what type of snare drum I like, and whether I’m the type of person that keeps eggs in the fridge or in the cupboard. I guess that’s why this song feels so important to me, as it’s me starting the process of figuring that out.”