Listen To Jviden's Honest New Album "Pure"

Listen To Jviden’s Honest New Album “Pure”

Although Jviden has been making music for over ten years, he didn’t take it seriously until about five years ago. Upon returning to Brampton from London Ontario, he met local artists dF, Jay Glavavny, and Ashton, all of whom pushed him into his zone.

Pure is Jviden’s follow up to W.A.I.T. and focuses on his experiences moving through a difficult to navigate society while enduring a relationship that is ever changing. While there are hints of that Toronto sound that everyone loves talking about, Pure never quite goes there. Maybe it’s because himself and the team behind Pure are from the edge of Toronto, but it’s most likely that they, including the phenomenal TOBi and McCallaman, are known for creating fresh soundscapes that aren’t governed by what you see at the top of major blogs.

I think i love you like, i think i love her like, like my mother like/ Like the line in front these girls, you know the jordan hype/ And i love that you come in my size

Many MC’s may wax poetic about many of the same subjects as Jviden, but his poetry feels sincere and honest and he doesn’t hold anything back even to his own detriment. From the every day hustle on the Bon Iver sounding Typical to the sax led Hotel about a side piece, which includes a devastating voicemail interlude. In the end, Jviden comes to his senses, realizing his mistakes and his desire to stay. With this kind of production level and the finesse behind the way he brings words and imagery together puts this emerging artist at the top of the list, and probably our year end list.