Daniella Mason Drops New EP Featuring Anthemic Morning Mourning

Daniella Mason Drops New EP Featuring Anthemic “Morning Mourning”

Having left Warner in 2016 to develop her own path through the industry, Daniella Mason writes, plays, produces, designs, directs, edits, styles, and does just about everything else on her own. Last year, she dropped her self-titled debut album and is now working on a collection of four EPs –  “Emotional State,” “Physical State,” “Mental State,” and “Spiritual State”— where she’ll explore the different parts of our humanity that we suppress and have a hard time exploring and embracing.

“Emotional State” is the first EP and Morning Mourning is the closing track that focuses on the death of her mother – a subject she’s never written about until now. With a low hum and a vibrant array of percussion that bubbles and rolls, Mason laments with crystalline vocals until it erupts into an anthemic roar with beautiful harmonies, fragrant and radiantly alive.

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