Premiere Twiceyoung Bring Us Their Lush EP Uneven Kind

Premiere: Twiceyoung Bring Us Their Lush EP “Uneven Kind”

Earlier this month, I heard the heartfelt sonic waves of Twiceyoung’s “Uneven Kind” and instantly fell in love, and subsequently went back and listened to their prior work after featuring what would turn out to be the lead and title single from their new EP. Tyler Laspopoulos and Ethan Kattau of Twiceyoung were gracious enough to bring me the premiere of the four-track EP, filled with a chasm of questions and the crimson quail of doubt and fear.

Title track “Uneven Kind” serves as the ideal opener with its lush powerful hook reverberating with a restless tremble as they begin questioning who they are and what they want. “Don’t Go Too Far” opens with the question, “I want to make us better now/ Is it too late?” but they immediately then state, “I could just stay alone/ I shouldn’t keep you here at all.” Hope and promise are ravaged by the nervous ache of insecurity and uncertainty to the beat of crunching percussion. When they announce with the closing lines, “Well I didn’t need your love/ But I wouldn’t dream of giving up,” it’s like a pack of lockjawed wolves gnawing at the synapse.

On “Keep”, the duo continue to speak in abstract tongues with conflicting thoughts, emotions, and gleaming textures that percolate the vibrant 80’s-inflected space. A solemn acoustic guitar opens “Change Your Love” with piercing vocals that rest on the edge of the merciless gulf. Ambient textures soon begin swelling with haunting harmonies, only to fade out and gradually build with strings as they repeat, “You love me and I hold you under” with an infinite, decisive edge. Despair, doubt, and disillusion coalesce in a stunning crescendo with the leaden weight of eternal truth.

Uneven Kind is a cohesive mini-project that takes you through a tumult of relentless polarizing emotions, from blinking doubt to the sudden realization that saturates each undesirable movement.

Listen to our exclusive stream of Twiceyoung’s lush EP right here, ahead of tomorrow’s official release. Tangibles are available through their website.

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