Alex Siegel Shares First New EP Single Sangsuree
Justin Tyler Close

Alex Siegel Shares First New EP Single “Sangsuree”

The Santa Monica-based multi-instrumentalist Alex Siegel kicks off his year with an ode to a friend on Sangsuree. Inspired by unfortunate events, Siegel mixes dream pop with folk, conjuring warm rich textures that are as bright as his friend. On the backstory, Siegel offered:

“I wrote this song, ‘Sangsuree’ , for my friend Nicole, a beautiful musician. A few years back, when my spirit was broken and I felt confused and completely unsure what I was supposed to be doing in the world, she was a beacon of hope for me. Something in the way she sang reminded me of all the possibility and beauty in life, despite the pain we sometimes feel… she really ‘gave me back my smile’ to quote Joni Mitchell. Not long after we met and went our separate ways, I found out that she had died in a highway accident in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stunned, and deeply grateful for her life, I wrote this song, ‘Sangsuree’.”

Sangsuree is the first single off Siegel’s forthcoming EP, ‘Shifting Scenery’, due out February 19th.