Dario Lessing & Rezar Announce EP & Share Better Days

Dario Lessing & Rezar Announce EP & Share “Better Days”

Berlin-based piano virtuoso Dario Lessing, and Rezar – the side project of electro-pop band NIHILS’ frontman – link up for Better Days. It’s a wavy atmospheric cut with moody piano chords as the duo tries to see the good in the world beyond all the negative.

Speaking about the release, Rezar adds:

“It’s easy to get demoralised in a society where we tend to sensationalise how bad everything is and how dark these times are – but underneath the turmoil, the chaos, the seemingly random acts of nature and humanity, there is a current of positivity to be felt and this song focuses on that energy and tries to tap into a future that is brighter and better in every way.”

Find Better Days on Dario Lessing and Rezar’s forthcoming EP of the same name.