Elina Wants You To Break Her Heart Like A Champion

Elina Wants You To Break Her Heart Like A “Champion”

Following her debut “Wild Enough” and “Here With Me”,  Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Elina returns with another heartrending single titled Champion. 

Once again piano-driven, Elina’s vocals soar with poignant lyricism and tears through flesh and bone in the way that she requests her lover to break her heart. As the crescendo hits, love and hate and despair and rage are devoured and reduced to zero.

“To me, ‘Champion’ is about fear” explains Elina. “Personally, when I get scared of losing someone or if I feel inadequate in a relationship – any relationship – I tend to disguise that fear with rejection. Sometimes even with anger. I think it’s a very easy-to-see-through attempt to hide that you’re hurt or vulnerable. “I’m scared of losing you” becomes “I don’t need you”.

“The meaning of “break my heart like a champion” is basically a request to your loved one not to break your heart slowly or gently. Sometimes the fall hurts even more than actually hitting the ground – it’s easier to know what will happen instead of fearing it and to live in uncertainty. It’s like ripping of a band-aid, the slower you rip the more it hurts.”

Elina’s debut EP is due next Spring.

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