Hazlett Soars From Coast To Coast On Easy Now Tiger

Hazlett Soars From Coast To Coast On “Easy Now Tiger”

Alotta Aussie tunes in the last couple of weeks. Next up is Hazlett who traded Brisbane for Stockholm which leads to us to his new single Easy Now Tiger.

Inspired by 20,000 km’s worth of long-distance love, Hazlett replaces his guitar for this dreamy and sentimental affair. Here, he reassures that special someone that their love is inextinguishable with a voice that soars from coast to coast.

“This is my ode to long-distance romance. It’s me trying to reassure someone about all the moments that they crossed your mind but that maybe you didn’t articulate at the time. How nervously excited you get on a flight to see them. How many little things remind you of them in a day, and ultimately how it only works if they know it and feel the same.” – Hazlett

Find Easy Now Tiger and more on Hazlett’s forthcoming EP, ‘Thundering Hopes’.