Jillian Lake Shifts Into Synth-Pop on Walk All Over You

Jillian Lake Shifts Into Synth-Pop on “Walk All Over You”

Following this years ‘Oliver‘ and ‘Bleed Baby Bleed‘, Vancouver’s Jillian Lake shifts from autumnal folk to synth-pop with a sardonic bite on Walk All Over You. Serving as the lead single from Lake’s forthcoming album, Lake takes aim at unadmirable characters with teeth like knives to the beat of bouncing plucky synths and jungle energy.

Speaking on the inspiration, Lake says:

“Walk All Over You” was written from the perspective of all the people and situations that have taken advantage of my softness and compassion. I wrote it at a time when I felt betrayed and let down by the people around me – I also happened to be watching way too much Animal Planet. Playing with the metaphors of the jungle and the food chain – on how vulnerability is perceived and exposed – this song is my cheekiest response to unveiling what I saw as strength in people, to actually turn out to be selfishness and unawareness