Julia Knight Announces EP & Laments With Warm Like I Used To

Julia Knight Announces EP & Laments With Warm “Like I Used To”

It’s been just under two years since Julia Knight released her debut single, “Ghost of You”. Between then and now, she’s labored over each memory and put each to ink and note, resulting in her forthcoming EP, “Love Is A Hoax”, and the first taste is Like I Used To.

The wait was worth it because Like I Used To pitter patters with soft pads dancing and percolating alongside a woozy sheen as Knight laments about a past relationship. With maddening tears swept away, we’re left with something sultry and warm like the resplendent memories of what once was. Of the song, Knight says:

“’like i used to’ is months after the relationship ends when you’re able to look back for the first time and appreciate the feelings you had for what they were. You’re able to see the relationship in a new light; you can miss parts of it without wanting it back.”

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