Listen To Winchester's Stunning "I'm Not Ready To Go Yet"

Listen To Winchester’s Stunning “I’m Not Ready To Go Yet”

Toronto artists Lauren Austin and Montgomery de Luna have brought their backgrounds in architecture, classical music, coding, visual art, DJing, and design to form a new indie-pop/rock band called Winchester. Their second single is the cinematic journey that I was not prepared for, titled I’m Not Ready To Go Yet.

A slow build up of delicate piano notes, acoustic guitar and spacey ambiance help settle you in. When Austin begins singing with that celestial voice of hers, I’m Not Ready To Go Yet enters the twilight with her guiding you along the sweeping synths. De Luna’s guitar work is reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky and consumes you with emotions as the slow crescendo hits the pinnacle moment of breakthrough. Flawed images of your past self, past loves, and the unknown that the future brings, simultaneously breathes around you as you reach the cosmos where the beauty that awaits you is enough to bring you to tears.

For more Winchester, you can watch the just released video for I’m Not Ready To Go Yet which blurs the lines between computation, projection mapping, photography, and still life.