Katie Herzig Looks To The Light With Feel Alive

Katie Herzig Looks To The Light With Uplifting “Feel Alive”

Whichever hardship you may be enduring, it shall pass like all things do. Even if it doesn’t feel so after a day, a month, a year, there is always a light at the end. And while some may say this too can be applied to some of the insanity that is occurring outside of our personal bubbles, truly, there is none. Nashville’s Katie Herzig, however, believes otherwise with her latest single, Feel Alive.

With uplifting vigour, percolated notes sparkle with an 80’s tincture as Herzig begins crooning about strength and perseverance. Feel Alive is vibrant and weightless. It bounces and gleams like a burst of stars within the grasp of your skinny wrists. Like anything is possible.

“I wrote ‘Feel Alive’ when a friend of mine was grieving the loss of her mom,” recalls Herzig. “Having lived through that a few years prior, I wished I could offer some sort of comfort from the other side of that grief. I have since discovered how relevant this song is for anyone trying to get through a difficult time. It’s a musical offering of hope and strengthand a reminder that light waits on the other side of any dark time.”

You can find Feel Alive and more on Katie Herzig’s new album, “Moment of Bliss”, due early 2018.

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