Linebug Release Hand-Drawn Video For White Nights

Linebug Release Hand-Drawn Video For “White Nights”

Singer-songwriter Line Bøgh and digital artist Christian Gundtoft are the Danish duo behind Linebug. Together, they create a unique audio and visual experience that combines indie-pop with hand-drawn animation. Their latest, White Nights, tackles the grip of depression.

Lead by an omnichord and piano, White Nights gradually builds while ethereal vocals seek to escape the bottomless abyss. Naturally, it’s joined by a hand-drawn video featuring 2,200 frames and the first fully animated video for Linebug.

Beginning with mostly black scenes, it captures Bøgh running towards the light with pops of colour joining her but finding solace isn’t quite that easy. “I’ve had several friends that have gone through long periods of isolation and depression,” shares Gundtoft. “What matters most to me is to tell a story that feels authentic to those who have had to go through such an ordeal.”

Watch the captivating video right here.