Lorana Announces New EP & Shares First Single Am I
Arthur Coppens

Lorana Announces New EP & Shares First Single “Am I?”

Ahead of Lorana’s self-produced EP, ‘Here In Between’, the London-based artist has shared the first single titled Am I?

What began as an acoustic song is now a minimal pop affair crafted in a studio flat in Naesdon, North West London where Lorana was living at the time. Like the rest of the EP, samples recorded at home and in London are woven like vibrant stretched synths alongside crystalline vocals that question her love for music and if this love is too big.

Listen below and visit her Instagram for insight into the sounds of Am I?

‘Here In Between’ by Lorana was written after leaving her small Belgian hometown, Alken, for the big London city and is about the strange duality that she started to feel in all her experiences. Release date TBA.