Nia Wyn Shares Title Track From Debut EP Love I Can't Ruin

Nia Wyn Shares Title Track From Debut EP “Love I Can’t Ruin”

Is there anything more frightening than the early stages of a potential relationship? All the doubt, neurosis, and relentless nausea associated with it including the thought of being vulnerable for once. From a small seaside town in North Wales, Nia Wyn explores these feelings with her stellar commanding voice on Love I Can’t Ruin.

This one is about that first stage of dating someone, and just being a bit scared of screwing it up by being too vulnerable, too early,” shares Wyn. “Eventually you peel back your layers and let them get to know the real you rather than just the image you want people to see, but that can feel really risky.”

Love I Can’t Rain is part hip-hop with a wallop of vintage soul as Wyn opens up about her insecurities and fears. All with that voice that slices and soars with raw honesty.

Off her forthcoming debut EP of the same name and is due out February 19. Speaking on the EP, Nia Wyn says:

“The EP is also called Love I Can’t Ruin – as it’s my first project, it is the one love I can’t ruin because music is always going to be a major part of my identity and life no matter what I do. The EP –looks a lot at the fear of being your real self around others, and feeling intense emotions about someone or something. Love, lust and getting real angry!