Listen To Molly Moore's Free Spirited Indigo

Listen To Molly Moore’s Free Spirited “Indigo”

From Molly Moore’s just released EP titled Now You See Me, is the free spirited Indigo. Channeling her inner indigo child, the LA based artist’s vocals soar over an electro pop anthem with a boisterous trumpet from Ryan Svendsen. Chants of “indigo” and the echos of children give it a triumphant explosion of curiosity and wonder. For the single, Moore explained the single in further detail:

“This song was inspired by the concept of Indigo Children (i.e. children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities). A lot of times, these children are wrongly diagnosed as having learning disabilities. This concept struck home for me as I think this happens more often than not, to children & adults alike, and in many different ways. I identify with Indigo Children & I think it’s a topic that definitely deserves attention.”

You can hear Now You See Me in full through SoundCloud.