OYLS Share Infectious "Maps"

OYLS Share Infectious “Maps”

One part former corporate consultant, one part failed strip club DJ, David Kirshenbaum and Michael Lipp use their failure, doubts, and uncertainty to make infectious music as OYLS.  Their first single in two years is Maps; an electro-pop anthem with jazz elements about keeping your head up and to not worry because everything will be alright. Lost in a haze of ‘what now?’ and ‘what am I doing with my life?’ in your post-secondary years, OYLS has your back with their upbeat dance vibes.

Recorded and produced in Kirshenbaum’s parents dining room with a single microphone and laptop, the duo explained, “we compiled drum sets, made our own horn section and choirs of our voices. We not only overcame limitations; we embraced them.” Stream Maps below and hit that follow button.