Pizzagirl Drops Melancholic Yet Poppy Seabirds

Pizzagirl Drops Melancholic & Poppy “Seabirds”

Ahead of tomorrow’s debut EP release, Liverpool bedroom act, Pizzagirl, has shared the final single titled Seabirds.

With a touch of 80’s electronica, gentle pads bounce between one another with dreamy pops of colour. As playful as the single sounds, the tendrils of melancholy permeate through the narrow cracks and rest on Pizzagirl’s voice and introspective lyrics. “I wish the seabirds were in my body/ I wish the seabirds were in my head/ I wish the seabirds were all around me/ I wish the seabirds would leave me dead,” he sings with a dancing sprinkle of synths that sweep across with the dripping image of youth.

“An Extended Play” is due for release, tomorrow.

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