Sure Sure Share The Off-Kilter Dance Jam Hands Up Head Down

Sure Sure Share The Off-Kilter Dance Jam “Hands Up Head Down”

Coming off the success of singles Friends and Koreatown, LA quartet Sure Sure (Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick, and Michael Coleman) return with the undeniably catchy Hands Up Head Down.

Fusing their personal experiences of joy and anger into energetic, off-kilter pop songs, Hands Up Head Down is no exception. The single details a night at the bar when the dreadnought of anxiety pierces you. The slur of the bass with the backing keys create an eerie ambiance as they sing, “Oh my god I gotta get out/ But I feel a hand grab my shoulder,” before it shifts into the infectious hook. An array of additional chimes and textures follow, turning this into a peculiar yet charming dance floor ready jam.

In their premiere with KCRW, the boys provided some additional insight, “We really needed a song with its own dance move. Here’s how it goes: you put your hands up, keep your head down, and then bob to the beat like a zombie. You’ll see it in the upcoming lyric video.”

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